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Tim McMullen



Tim McMullen is a multi-talented realtor who is now bringing his considerable talents to Gueco Real Estate Group. Along with being a high-end luxury real estate agent, he’s also a entrepreneur, wealth manager, property analyzer, and a leader in digital marketing and branding. That’s a lot of hats for one person to wear, but he rocks them all, as is evidenced by the amazing track record of success he has already achieved in a variety of industries.

As an agent, he marketed and sold over $20 million of real estate within his first year in the business, and he aims to factor into the marketing of $100 million in 2018, something he believes is easily achieved by using the latest in tech. In fact, as an entrepreneur, he has founded a number of companies that help realtors and client service professionals bring their businesses into the 21st century through tech-savvy digital marketing, branding, and lead-capture systems.

These business ventures let him work closely with some of the Bay Area’s top-selling agents, where he learned their elite strategies and built a deep and diversified network that he gladly share with his clients. They have also provided him with arguably the best market knowledge of any local agent, as he actively studies and interprets the entire market to produce for his clients deeply analytical content and the best local market knowledge.

In short, Tim is using tech to help revolutionize the way real estate transactions and business methodology take place. He uses all of his knowledge, experience, and skills to make sure his clients know he leaves no stone unturned to go above and beyond for them. He brings the same focus and tenacity that he brought to his time as a Pac-12 footballer and Silicon Valley startup founder to his career in real estate.

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